Wildflower Photography

Viola riviniana
This is a small collection of wildflower photography from around the world taken by Tom Kornack, the Kornack family and friends. We welcome you to browse this site and enjoy the photographs. You also can read some general comments about the photography, including details on the equipment and methods used. Please feel free to send any questions, comments or errors to mail at androsace dot com.

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Wildflowers of the Pindhos Mountains

My parents March and Wallace Kornack went to the Pindhos Mountains in northwestern Greece in May 2004 with the digital camera and the results were spectacular!

Limodorum abortivum
Ophrys cornuta
Cistus villosus
Crocus veluchensis
Ophrys ferrum-equinum

Wildflowers of the Olympic National Park

Jill and I took a long hiking trip in late June to the Hoh Rain Forest and the Elk Mountain area. It was stunningly beautiful weather and we got into the area just as soon as the snow cleared.

Douglasia laevigata
Phacelia sericea
Alium crenulatum
Anemone multifida
Rosa gymnocarpa

Wildflowers of the New Jersey Pine Barrens

Jill and I have been slowly accumulating pictures from the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. We recently got around to adding a number of beautiful orchids from a trip in 2002.

Plantanthera ciliaris x blephariglottis
Polygala lutea
Polygala lutea
Plantanthera ciliaris
Hepatica americana

Wildflowers of North Sikkim

In August 2002, Mike Leung and I hiked along the Tibetan border in Northern Sikkim. We could not use tripods along most of our path, so many of the pictures were not as sharp as they could have been. We desperately need help identifying these flowers, as our guide books do not cover Sikkim very well.

Meconopsis bella
Pedicularis incognitus
Primula primulina
Saxifraga punctulata
Pedicularis incognitus
Gentiana sino-ornata

Wildflowers of Patagonia

In January 2003, Jill Foley and I hiked around the Torres del Paine. We hauled my new Nikon D100 and the heavy gitzo tripod for 10 days in the park. We also need lots of help identifying these photos. Check out what we saw:

Calceolaria biflora
Adesmia lotoides
Primula magellanica
Nardophyllum bryoides
Incognitus incognitus